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by Alex on Apr 28, 2015 - 11:48:46 pm UTC
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This is the place to post general comments, such as pressing bugs or broader questions.

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This problem should be doable now...

atm i'm using IE7.

Just posted this with IE7 (why are you still using that, anyway)
Try clearing your cache... Does editing/deleting work?

When I click the "+" thingie, I can't reply to a post (i.e. the Title doesn't automatically fill in for me) and when I type manually "Re: Re: Re: Post_Name", it fails to reply to that post. How come?

Perhaps implementing a system where the manual typing allows one to reply to posts would be good?

Um.. I don't think anyone else has this problem. What browser (version please) are you using? Do you have javascript enabled? Do editing and rating work?

hanson... did u actually safeexec g++? (look at the submission page)

It appears not, but he did mention that PHP has a built-in timeout...

I find that looking at other people's solutions I get a picture with a not so nice font, while looking at my solutions I get a nicely formatted monotype text file (seems like), is this supposed to happen?

Yeah, the text is converted to an image to prevent copying of others' code in order to get a better runtime or whatnot (although users are encouraged to learn from others' code as long as they are not copying it completely). It's similar to how you can't copy code from the TopCoder Arena during the Challenge Phase. This conversion is not applied when you view your own code, or when it is an admin viewing.

Ah. I see. Is it difficult to change the code in pictures to a font that is a bit easier to read? Like monotype? If so, is it possible?

Yeah, it's really easy. The hardest part is finding a good font :P

Here's Lucida Console - is that better?

If I can recommend a font... Anonymous Pro? It's monospaced and looks nicer than Courier and Lucida :P

Um...Do you mean the letters you just typed were Lucida? Looks nice. I think the font used to display one's own code looks nice. I'm not sure exactly what it is, monotype?

Your own code is in Courier New. (I prefer Anonymous Pro :P)

Ah...Thanks. Then maybe courier new. :)

There's Courier New.. it's slightly blurry because of PHP's poor font rendering. Which one should I keep? :)

A collapsed comment box is not as high as the text...

Ah, I didn't notice... Should be fixed.

Never mind; it just has something to do with chrome's rendering eh.gif
When I use IE rendering, it's fixed... although everything else looks ugly!

It's glitchy on Firefox too.
Keep in mind that Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Safari are standards-compliant, whereas IE is not. It is most likely IE's "problem". Although, this glitch is so minor that we can just ignore it.

What? It's fixed in every browser I've tried - Firefox, Chrome, IE8, IE7, and even IE6 (lol)

Hit ctrl+f5 - it's possible that your (cached) version of the css file is outdated.

Hmm, it is fixed now - although my browser isn't supposed to be caching anything, it doesn't even remember the tab I just closed.

how come, when i press the reply button on a post and the screen goes to the bottom to the text box, I don't see the "Re: Post_Name" thing appear? in the title box?

It does for me...

So if you do a problem, and its point value decreases later, you still retain the original amount of points?

Not that it matters too much, just wanted to see whether this is supposed to be the case.

When the point value is decreased, it applies normally only to future submissions. This allows us to set problems that are worth more if they are done within a certain window, such as the Bi-Weekly Challenges (their values halve after the two weeks are over). But we can also rejudge all submissions, which changes the point values of all previous submissions as well. So - it depends.

Ah. I see, that's a good system for motivating people to do something fast.

The page shouldn't refresh when you rate.

Is there a way to just update it automatically and not refresh the page? Or at least have it return to the spot you were at after you rate and it refreshes?

is this because you've been rating so frequently?
if not, it shouldn't be a problem

Not necessarily.
Say that I'm reading a post. There are several replies, and I find the post good. So I merit it.
But then, to read the replies, I may have to scroll down half the page.
That's the logic behind my thinking.

so, you have to scroll down once.. big deal

I agree, I can't believe you're complaining about this.
Even for your example, if scrolling down an extra time would kill you, why not read the replies first and THEN rate the post?

Yeah this is something I plan to add. (Don't expect to see it soon, though, as the contest system is a higher priority)

This is accomplished with something called AJAX; the submissions system uses it right now. I'm planning on integrating the jQuery library to make this easier (as well, you might see autocomplete in the submit box or something)

This is done :P
Autocomplete is also done!

Is there a need to put up analysis for certain problems? If so, how and which?

If it says "Sorry, there is no analysis for this problem yet.", then there isn't an analysis, and we are accepting submissions.
If you want to write analyses, I suggest you do so for really hard problems, such as the more difficult CCC stage 2 and COCI/COI problems. In our points system used to mark students in our enriched computer science class, we give points for writing analyses - we might not be able to run this system next year but if we do then we should leave the easier problems available for them.
To submit an analysis, type it up in HTML and send it to one of the admins.

Okay, sounds nice. :)