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by Alex on Apr 28, 2015 - 11:48:46 pm UTC
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Is it just me, or does nobody code these days? Everybody just seems to post (and rate) comments and play games...

LOL I've noticed the same thing.

I've stopped coding on the judge simply because I'm stuck, I can't think of how to solve any more problems - but surely not everyone can be stuck???

I wonder if it was a mistake to make the judge more multi-purpose, but my guess would be that people have just lost motivation for some reason.

Should we add more problems, especially easier ones that most people can do? Is this the problem?

Well, there haven't been new problems posted in a while.
And especially few within the capabilities of most users on this judge.

Also, lot of the coders from Grade 8 have lost motivation since points gained this year do not count for CompSci next year. Some of us are in the mindset of why not save them for next year and get marks for them?.
Maybe if there was a promise to release enough problems next year to counteract those "lost" this year?
In fact, some of us are stockpiling programs: doing them now, checking them against online test data, then submitting next year. Not naming any names >_>

Well, it's not against the rules.

But I find it sad that people seem to care so much about getting points rather just doing the problems and learning from them.

Though what I do find strange is that people (who aren't in CompSci yet) cheat on the judge (copy each other's code, and yes, we can detect this easily) even when the points don't "matter", so there's really nothing to be gained at all.

I guess it's understandable that people want higher marks...but all I can say is that I'm disappointed.

well... if we're stockpiling, we're still doing the problems.

I know, but it shows that people care more about saving the points for marks than just doing the problems.

Plus there's the issue of copying, which is just strange.

You'll be in Grade 10 CompSci, right?

I don't understand what the big fuss is over points.. it's not like you need a lot. And the mark that you get means nothing - it doesn't matter in the long run anyway. (Besides, Grade 10 CompSci usually has assignments and stuff too)

Also, aren't they changing the curriculum? I think it's supposed to be a lot more projects. I think right now, the Grade 10s aren't doing points anyways.

Yeah, looks like next year will be really screwed up. Hopefully we'll still be able to keep the points system, though there will probably be lots of other stuff we have to do (which might even be a good thing).

Nope it's not just you. I haven't really coded in months, except the occasional problem... not sure why.

I think the lack of new problems may have something to do with it though.

There's still a bunch of old Stage 2 problems that we have to add sometime. (Anyone want to volunteer? :P)

Well, this thread's drifted to adding more problems.
Why don't we let users write and submit problems? Like Jacob and Brian do. It would probably increase the influx of problems and therefore the participation.

Excuse me if we're already allowed to do this...

It's not a bad idea, but frankly writing good problems isn't that easy. Problems that most people will write will probably either be really easy, the same as a problem already on the Judge, or impossible.

People can submit problems for points if they want to, but we definitely won't guarantee that we'll actually use it.

How do you submit them?

Write up a problem, code up a thoroughly tested solution, generate test cases, and write up an analysis. Send to hanson jacob or brian.

If you don't know how to solve it, that's OK too: as long as Hanson can solve it, you can get some points just for the problem statement.

If Blue Mary can solve them, does that count too?

Yeah, Chris already submitted two problems that turned out to be impossible, and Matthew another.

Maybe it would help if we could see the updated points spreadsheet so we know how we're doing. =)

That's a good point, we'll try to update it more frequently.

Maybe people are coding their games for 11 enriched/12.

I doubt it, but yes, that will be the case reasonably soon.

i think you guys shud do more contests. but these contests wouldn't be just for peg rankings, but maybe they'll earn you points depending on your placing. idk just a thought...i think it'd get a lot of ppl back into programming.

I'd do that.

Sounds good, but who's gonna write the problems? like, I don't want to do a contest with DWITE problems (especially the string ones).

actually thatd be cool if we cud host our own contests. we cud just steal a bunch of questions off of other sites and post them up and idk do something creative with it..

What do you mean, host your own contests? You want to direct a contest on the judge? This would mean a lot of work for Hanson.

If you give me all the test data and problem statements, then I can add it for you :P

random comment: suggest coding a "Give me a random problem" feature (which shouldn't be too hard?), just like "random page" in wiki =P

It probably wouldn't be hard to do, but I'm guessing people won't use it. Most people are at least slightly stuck, and won't be able to do just any random problem - they'll want to select for themselves specific problems that they can actually do.

good point =)
anyway, for me it's like, all these problems look scary to me so i really don't know which one to do, so i basically click random ones
but then, u know, i'm unlike u guys who have done most of the judge problems xD

I am now hosting a text-based RPG of my own (look for it on my games index). And yes, the code is copied from Brian, I take no credit for it.

This RPG's genre will be quite different than that of Brian's and the "mystery host" one, so come try it out if you want.

As always with my games, there is almost zero tolerance for spamming, so if your posts are either spam or don't make sense, you might get banned.

mm i deduce that it's my words that don't make sense.
I guess it made sense to me though...

mm i guess i'll hope that Toby doesn't ban me from his game =P

The word game? Or the mystery rpg? That's by CENSORED, not me.

meh, either way, i'm unbanned xD

As you may or may not have noticed, a number of jokes have been floating in chat.
It is much better to place these all in a thread, which is what I have done.
We encourage people to come read them, and contribute as well. Please vote on whether you would like more jokes on the forums.
The joke thread can be reached here.

The text-based RPG has been moved here.

Note: Anybody can go at any time (but everybody plays the same character). Also the HTML tags <i>, <u>, and <br> are allowed, but not any others (consider what would happen otherwise - you could seriously screw up the page using unmatched tags.)

Just a suggestion;
Perhaps you could add a bookmark/division so that you could "jump to bottom?"
At the top of the page, you'd put

   &lt;a href="#end"&gt;Jump to Bottom&lt;/a&gt;

then at the bottom you'd put
   &lt;a id="end"&gt;&lt;/a&gt;
   &lt;div id="end"&gt;&lt;/div&gt;

I find that using Tab works quite well. Or Ctrl-End.

Well, still... wouldn't it be better with a simple click?

=P. I sorted the list by users and bluebook appeared on the list. (Normally they don't). When I tried to submit one, it worked and I got points for it.

Pretty sure they gave us access strictly to clean up problem statements.

I know but at least have the old limit still on. Like when we tried to submit (Grade 11/12s can't solve bluebook!) or whatever it was, I almost solved a CCC 3/5 pointer by mistake. =P

lol ok, i don't understand how i can get banned under nitch's four word story thing
but meh, i don't really mind, it's not that interesting afterall xD

Comrades, I am proud to present an update for the Three Word Story Game. We have added a pleasing background to serve you, comrade.
Unlike other games where your eyes have to suffer from the harsh white background, Toby's games are scientifically designed for improved readability, to boost user happiness by 13%!

Join us now, comrade!
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How about:
Everybody starts with some number of points;
+2 points for writing a post
-2 points if you delete a post
-1 point to rate someone else's post
+5 points if your post becomes gold
-5 points if your post becomes grey or is deleted by admins.
And if we have to delete enough of your posts, you get banned... muhaha
Also, the system needs to apply to admins too (*coughTobyandJacobcough*)

This should greatly cut down on the 90% of crap getting posted.

You can try implementing it :P
(though I'd change "deleted by admins" to "deleted by admins for spamming"; I usually delete "bug reports" after they're fixed)

Easier just not to delete bug reports, but edit them to say "fixed" or something

But wouldn't that just result in clutter? It is better to just delete them; it makes the page look less cluttered.

I don't see how this'll cut down on the crap.
People will still post just the same, who cares if they lose points?

Easy, if your point total drops below a certain amount you get banned for a period of time.

but if someone gets -1 for rating, how win anyone's post get grey or gold.

The important detail is that when you write good posts, you earn points, thus enabling you to rate others' posts.

mmm... even if i have enough points, why'd i bother rating a post that still cost me 1 point anyways?

but if it will cost you rating points, then why would you want to rate others. And you would only know if you have a good post if someone else rated it, and I don't think that anyone else is going to waste their rating points, so therefore, you wouldn't get anymore points, because you wouldn't know if it is a good post, because no one would want to rate anything. This could only be solved by starting with a huge number of points, which defeats the system anyway.

OK, so obviously my system isn't the best possible, and there are certain features of it that wouldn't work so well in practice. So I am open to suggestions.

Also, you would be surprised by how much a number can influence somebody's behaviour. (Just consider my marks, for instance...)

Sounds good. However:

1) I know people rate others down just because a certain user wrote a post. Therefore, admins should have the right to undo any rate ups or rate downs. And if the person was indeed unreasonable, they should get a penalty.

Maybe a better idea would be to have free uprates, but a higher penalty for downrates (-2?)
Comments that are obviously spam can be instead flagged as "offensive/spam" like on most other websites.

I like this "reputation" system:
(though obviously a lot of parts aren't applicable)

... let's see... wouldn't this mean that Ammar's unbanned, cuz that would be fair if this system is implemented. Then you guys have a way to control is "postings"

We don't want to keep him permanently banned. People make mistakes... so yeah we could unban him.

why don't you guys just introduce a forum apart from this site? this will concentrate the judge more in problem discussions, and also provide a good space for people to post "craps"...

We have a forum. It is dead.

that forum seems not specific to the judge but more to the PEG group, but oh wellz, i'm not in woburn anyways
but the point i'm trying to make is, i think it's unnecessary to implement a posting point system in the peg judge itself; it is designed to be a judge in the first place, not a chatroom.
But the good part is that we're all having fun here xD

How much points would u lose if ur comment became red (or black)?

Maybe we should limit spites? Few people ever rate posts up; most only rate down.
If we limit spites, people wouldn't just spam their spites; they'd use them on things that actually need spiting (i.e. Never Forget and responses)...

wow hanson if u designed this...i've gotta say this looks amazing!

why are you making this post now... v2 has been avaliable for a while now..

no the new main v2...well its pretty much the same, but the banner is new and looks sexy. <.<