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by Alex on Apr 28, 2015 - 11:48:46 pm UTC
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#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
using namespace std;

int main()
ifstream fin ("test1.txt");
ofstream fout ("test2.txt");
return 0;

That's what i use. Is there a better way?

freopen("in.txt", "r", stdin);
freopen("out.txt", "w", stdout);

cin >> x;
scanf("%d", &x);

cout << x;
printf("%d\n", x);

etc etc

I know you just got back online (no idea why it was down)... but the problem search isn't working. (Try searching 'A' or 'Pinball'.)

It's pretty minor, since you could just use Ctrl+F, but should be fixed nonetheless.

If you enter any contest and view a user, you'll (almost always) get a negative value for points earned... so maybe you should just not show the field?

I originally implemented that field because I thought it would be useful for 11/12 Enriched. Since this is no longer the case, I've just removed it entirely.

Hmm... it's still showing...

I did not mean on the user listing page; I meant on the individual userpages.

Right... I was being stupid, sorry. OK, I've removed that too.

We (that is, Hanson and I) don't know how to fix this. The search capability is implemented by a daemon that is started and stopped separately from the main judge services. We can start it from the command line but all attempts so far to have it automatically start on system startup have failed.

Does anybody have any complaints before I re-rate everyone who took place in the contest? ("I failed" is not a valid complaint.) Technical problems, ambiguities in the problem statements, ...

Yay finally get a non-null integer for my rating xD

The rating of a user on the PEG Judge is of type `int?`

hoping for 5/5 here

What are you talking about?

I've had a solution running for 10 minutes now (deleted) and everything I submit now gives "compiler error" when they compile fine on my g++ setup... is everything working?

It's a problem caused by the recent security patch.
I'm diagnosing the problem now.

Edit: Fixed! Details to appear on my blog soon.

Where's your blog?

I recall your asking about proper HTML syntax for hyperlinking for your blog during a PEG session but I didn't notice what the site is.

Just out of curiosity, is the Grade 11 enriched comp-sci course still up and running?

No. I am not sure whether or not it exists (I know for sure that Woburn no longer has grade 12 enriched) but if it exists it is certainly nothing like the computer science of past years.

Does anyone still use the "old" version of the interface? It's being deprecated and I'd like to get rid of it.

It has been removed. It hasn't been deleted permanently, so if for some reason templatev2 renders you unable to work, we can reinstate templatev1, but I really can't see how that would be...

If I have partial points for a program I did last year and I solve it this year. Do the remaining points go to my new total or old total?

Good question - the additional points will get added to your total for this year (but the points you already got for it won't).

I downloaded, the zip file containing Free Pascal's library, but the instructions are vague. Can somebody help?

You downloaded only the library? You should download the installer.

Download 2.2.4 with this link:

Or, for x64 Windows, this link:

that's not what I mean!
I already have Free Pascal, and the Help files but I'm not exactly sure what to do now...

How could you have downloaded Free Pascal without the library? confused.gif

Your library files should be located at
{ Free Pascal
- 2.2.4
- units
- i386-win32

I mean where do I put the Help files?

You can unzip it anywhere you want.
Then, to have the actual help files appear, go to Files... under the help menu.
Click New, and browse to wherever you put the files. There should be an index.html file in that folder; double-click it and you're done.

(Personally, I put it under bin \ i386-win32.)

Lots of potential points here! Link
edit: All the COCI and SMAC problems are done!
edit3: Done.

where did your HTML tutorial go?

Click here.