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by Alex on Apr 28, 2015 - 11:48:46 pm UTC
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An Error Was Encountered
This problem is in the contest 'Large Output Stress Test'.
Please enter the contest.

Might be a good idea to have a 'Quick View' of comments so that this error is avoided. Either that or have contest comments not shown on the Main page.

Yeah, I have no idea why Hanson decided to set up the system the way he did.

Anyway, the reason why Ammar passed is that he submitted back when I was testing the new judge system, in which it's impossible to get OLE. When I couldn't get it to work, I switched back to the old system, in which you can get OLE.

The bottom line is: stop trying.

Super Awesome Timing Skills! Ayeuxxx!!

The link doesn't even work (on the main page) even if you're in the contest.

Just wondering if this contest got rated, since my rating dropped and this is the only other contest I did.

No, it's not rated. That wouldn't be fair, because one member of each pair would get rated and one wouldn't.

You can always check your rating history.

So then what was the last PEG Programming package? :O

It seems like a lot of people got bad scores on it, including all of us...

That's actually the CCC, but since the contest itself was deleted, it defaults to "PEG Programming Package".

Is the contest suppose to be in analysis mode?

Whoops, I must have made a mistake entering the time. Sorry, it should be working now.

I thought the time limit was 3 hours...

brian, the site's keyword meta has two "Validator"s in it. =P
and interesting that it contains Hanson Wang as a keyword lol

I am curious as to how bored you must be if you are reading the meta tags. Seriously.

I was responsible for setting those in the first place --- and I thought enough people would be searching for Hanson to make it worth adding it.

January 30, 2009
(on main page)

Key Task
Galou is back!
Laser Phones
Prime Path


PEG Judge:
Floor Plan

Note: Most of the weighted graph problems from a previous practice also contain implicit graphs.

On the ACSL score sheet, why are Li T, Plachta J, and Shaan S under the school XV Gimnazija?

I've reported the mistake


Does anyone have or know where I can find gpc.pas unit file for dev pascal?


I don't believe such a file exists.

If you want to use GPC, then just download the compiler here.

I recommend using Free Pascal instead of Dev-Pascal. Dev-Pascal uses an outdated version of the Free Pascal compiler and just adds capability for projects, and a more Windows-geared IDE.


I wanted to use Mr Shulman's Net Pascal thing...

Any ideas there?

Its seems that my submission for foxlings hasn't finished executing...

Looks like the queuer mysteriously died. I don't know what caused this, but I restarted the server and it should be working again.

Hmm... Does it die regularly?
My C++ BMI solution's taking a long time too.

OK, I actually have no idea what's causing this...