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by Alex on Apr 28, 2015 - 11:48:46 pm UTC
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This is the place to post general comments, such as pressing bugs or broader questions.

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It's an okay idea, but more criteria should be added.
Most infamous: bleung91 with -153 negatives!

That's a double negative. Perhaps "Most infamous: bleung91 with 153 negatives?"

I am sorry, but who are you quoting?

Excuse me, but that needs to be deleted. And while you're at it, remove toby's admin privileges, as i'm assuming he put that up.

I personnally like souspinaches games better. RPS is great.

This comment would deserve to be Gold, if only it used proper grammar and spelling...

Is there a function that behaves the same in 2008 Visual C++ Express Edition?

I tried clrscr(); but it gives me an error "Identifier not found" I tried to look for other functions but came up nothing.

The reason why I need to know this is purely because of visual effects. So its not for submitting to the judge...

Just print 50 blank lines.

You can also use

Thanks! That works better than 50 lines!! ::P

Indeed, it's not platform-independent but I assume you're using Windows only so system("cls") works fine.

Remember the first person to bring you these awesome games. Never forget! The Word Game is now almost out of BETA! We will get through these tough times together.

My games are fun.
Jacob is the enemy.
Participation is good.

Jacob is the enemy.
Participation is good.

Toby good. Jacob bad.

Sounds like propaganda.

Toby and Jacob are the enemies.
Participation is good.

Toby bad, Jacob bad, Brian GOOD.

Don't be fooled by the lies of the enemy of the common people, Toby.
Remember who has more game-making experience - I brought such masterpieces as Maze Land to the world!

Toby is evil.
Toby's games are evil.
Everything about Toby is evil.

Jacob is good.
Jacob's games are good.
Everything about Jacob is good.

Do not be fooled! The story game will endure - it follows a non linear plot, unlike other games that are one trick dogs (Jacob's RPS).

Also, could we agree to disagree and work together to fight Brianus? His RPG has steadily been gaining popularity while we have been at war.

THE story is good.
RPS is dumb.
Comments are excellent.

Since when is "win" an adjective?

As you can clearly see, Toby can't speak proper English, so you should play my games instead of his.

You two seriously remind me of Napoleon and Snowball from Animal Farm. Except it's still not clear who eventually triumphs over the other.

Might I remind you that I have THREE games, not ONE game where the trick is to enter -CENSORED-

What are these lies about "more games coming soon.."

perhaps you guys shold set up a special private thread on the PEG forums just for this argument.

It's not an arguement, seeing as it's obvious who's right, good, and victorious *coughanitchcough*

Neither of you are good, my vote is for big brother.

Lets see if we can make this thread entirely black!

Wow. Nice, Toby!
Your post got to -10, that's pretty impressive =D
Let's see if we can get it down any lower.

I've decided to join in this boom of game production on the judge.

You can find all my games here.

Introducing the premier of Rock Paper Scissors!
(coolest game I know ah-yeuuuuuux)

More coming soon. Play my games, not Toby's or Brian's =P

How did those people win in ur version of Rock Paper Scissors?

That's for us to know and for you to find out.

It's more fun figuring out, anyways.


You need to play more Rock Paper Scissors.

Rock Paper Scissors is now updated, let's see who can beat it now - it's not much harder...yet.

Congratulations to all the people who beat it before! Nice to see such good participation and support for MY game.

Toby's 3-Word Story game isn't working well, so I'll be making my own version soon. There will be almost zero tolerance for spamming, so it should be enjoyable for people who actually want to play the game properly =)

The Four-Word Story Game is now up here.

I like how you took my source code, comrade.

I'm glad you approve, comrade.

Of course if you didn't want me "sampling" and "modifying" it for myself, you would've put a copyright notice.

what is up with main

It seems that we've been haxored.
But WHY did you post this as a reply to this commment???

Seriously, why have all of me and Toby's comments been rated down so much?
I know it's fun, but now it's not even easy to read them >.<
I suggest we change that setting, hiding comments with bad ratings doesn't seem to work well.

In other news, I now have three fully-functional, spam-proof games up!
And yes, I did take my base code from Toby, I'm not gonna take credit for this. I just made these games more functional and hopefully more fun for people who actually wanna play them.

Can we have a games link?
Something like the comments link or the Open Chat link.
This way the games will be more accessible

thanks :)

Edit: All my apps are now available here.

Due to the huge success of The Name Game, we are proud to present a new venture: That's What She Said.

Play Now!

P.S. What games would you guys like to see implemented?

Huge success?

Has anyone tried using that "algorithm" on the judge's twss?

wtf????? bleung91 - "That's what she said!" ??????

Why are there so many negatives on this?

Make as many simple and crappy games as you can, let's go for 20.

Indeed, maybe Mr. Fenty will let you submit 20 of this type of app instead of a big game project.

What do you mean "crappy"? ><

I always thought "crappy" was a pretty mono-functional adjective.

My mistake, these games must just be too awesome for me to comprehend.

Especially the City Name Game, it works so well.

The three word story game has been implemented here: Play now!

You must have a lot of free time...

Columns are coming next! (To make things readable)

Vote: monospaced font??

Due to popular demand, you can now play the name game here.

Test your skills!

The last city ends with a space... and leading spaces are removed when you submit. Could you make it so that all spaces are removed?

Sorry, because the implementation sucked so much the name game has been taken temporarily offline for yelling at Toby maintenance.

Now with improved visitor counter!