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Woburn Challenge 2019 Finals Results

by Alex on May 21, 2019 - 7:01:14 am UTC
The Woburn Challenge 2019 on-site finals was our most exciting contest yet! We witnessed 18 teams from 13 schools battle it out for the coveted title of Woburn Challenge Champion. In the end, the top team from University of Toronto Schools took home a senior division victory, thanks to making the most headway on both of the difficult final two problems. Meanwhile, the junior division saw several teams on the cusp of perfect scores, but with only William Lyon Mackenzie C.I.'s team finally able to achieve it and secure their victory!

The senior division prizewinners are:
  • William Li, David Tang, and Andrew Marin of University of Toronto Schools ($250)
  • Keenan Gugeler, Ethan White, and Tony Xia of Waterloo Collegiate Institute ($250)
  • Brian Chau of Woburn Collegiate Institute ($150)
The junior division prizewinners are:
  • Evan Zhang, Yi Deng, and Jeffrey Gao of William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute ($150)
  • Robert Chung of Woburn Collegiate Institute ($100)
  • Lily Cao, Rayton Lin, and Andrew Xue of Earl Haig Secondary School ($50)
Congratulations! For all online-round prizewinners who could not join us today, we will be getting in contact with your teachers shortly about sending your prizes by mail. We truly hope that you enjoyed tackling all the problems which we have prepared with love. Thanks to all the helping hands that made this event possible, as well as contestants and teachers alike, who stayed with us through to the end of the season. We hope you enjoyed the last round of the season and look forward to bringing you many more exciting challenges in the future!

All of the problems have been cloned to the main judge and can be found here: J1, J2, J3/S1, J4/S2, J5/S3, S4, S5.
Full results, problems, and solutions are now posted at:

PEG Wiki is back up

by bbi5291 on May 19, 2019 - 7:55:10 pm UTC
Hi all,

I finally got access to the old database backups, so I have managed to restore the PEG Wiki to the state it was in back in late November, just before it went down.


Woburn Challenge round 4 results are now available!

by Alex on Mar 25, 2019 - 9:13:09 pm UTC
Thank you for joining us in a new season, new and returning participants alike! Problems, solutions, and test data are now posted here.

The senior division prizewinners are:
  • Brian Chau of Woburn Collegiate Institute ($100)
  • Andrew Qi Tang of Erindale Secondary School ($50)
  • Zixiang Zhou of London Central Secondary School ($25)
  • Yi Deng of William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute ($25)
  • William Li of University of Toronto Schools ($25)
  • Evan Zhang of William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute ($25)
  • Ava Pun of Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute ($25)
  • Alex Tianyi Xu of White Oaks Secondary School ($25)
The intermediate division prizewinners are:
  • Aaron Tang of Churchill Heights Public School ($50)
  • Michael Huang of Bell High School ($25)
  • Jeffrey Gao of William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute ($25)
  • Jerry Hu of University of Toronto Schools ($25)
Finally, we would like to applaud a job well done to the top junior division finishers: Lily Cao of Earl Haig Secondary School, Allen Tao of Colonel By Secondary School, and Alissa Palkina of Richview Collegiate Institute.

Congratulations! These prizes will be distributed as Visa gift cards during the on-site finals in May to which all of the above winners are invited (more details to come later). Do not fret if you may not be able to make the final round in person – we will mail your prize to you afterwards.

P.S. The date and location of the Woburn Challenge on-site finals will be announced within the next few weeks, when the invitations will also be distributed. Be on the lookout!

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