PEG Judge will shut down at the end of July

by bbi5291 on Jun 07, 2020 - 9:04:29 pm UTC
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Hi everyone,

We have decided that the PEG Judge will merge with DMOJ. The reason for this decision is that DMOJ is under more active development and in a better position to support future growth.

The tentative plan for this migration is as follows:
1. DMOJ will give users the ability to link their DMOJ account with a PEG Judge account.
2. On July 31, the PEG Judge will enter read-only mode. No further submissions will be accepted, but users with existing PEG accounts will still have the option to link with a DMOJ account.
3. At some point after July 31, the PEG problem set will be merged into the DMOJ problem set. If you've chosen to link your PEG account with a DMOJ account, your submissions will be automatically migrated to DMOJ. Note that some interactive problems may not be migrated or may take longer to migrate.
4. Migrated submissions will be gradually rejudged on DMOJ. C and C++ submissions will be rejudged on DMOJ using the same GCC version and flags with which they were originally judged on PEG. Other languages will be rejudged using whatever compiler or interpreter version is available on DMOJ (we consider Python 2 and Python 3 to be separate languages).

Note that existing PEG contests, including ratings, will not be migrated to DMOJ.

It has been a great honour to serve the PEG community for more than a decade, and it will be just as great a relief to pass the torch to more capable hands.

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Thanks for your great and altruistic efforts to maintain such a great site like for such a long time. I hope at least its wiki section will remain active. Best wishes to all former contributors and founding team.