FAQ about the migration to DMOJ

by bbi5291 on Jun 24, 2020 - 12:42:23 am UTC
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Q: Do I still have to link my PEG account to a DMOJ account?
A: No. We have decided to automatically migrate PEG accounts to DMOJ in order to make the process easier for everyone.

Q: When will the migration of PEG user accounts to DMOJ take place?
A: Shortly after July 31. The exact date has not yet been determined.

Q: I already have an account on DMOJ. Will I have two accounts after the migration?
A: Yes, but after your PEG account has been migrated to DMOJ, you will have the option to merge the two DMOJ accounts into one.

Q: My existing account on DMOJ has the same username as my PEG account. What will happen to my PEG account?
A: Your PEG account will be migrated to a DMOJ account with a username suffix, like "FatalEagle_wcipeg". You will be given the option to merge the two accounts.

Q: Someone else on DMOJ has registered the username that I use on PEG. What will happen to my PEG account?
A: Your PEG account will be migrated to a DMOJ account with a username suffix. You will be able to change the username on DMOJ after the migration has been completed.

Q: My existing DMOJ account uses the same email address as my PEG account. Will this cause any problems?
A: Once your PEG account has been migrated to DMOJ, there will be two accounts on DMOJ with the same email address. You will still be able to log into either account, but you won't be able to reset the password for the account that was migrated from PEG. If you need to do so, you'll have to contact the DMOJ admins.

Q: Can I opt out of the migration?
A: Yes. If you don't want your user data to be transmitted to DMOJ, then log into your PEG account and click "Edit User Info", then select the option to opt out of the DMOJ migration. If you don't do this by July 31, then your account will be migrated, but you will still be able to request account deletion from the DMOJ admins later.

Q: What will happen to my submissions after the migration?
A: As previously stated, we will regrade your C and C++ submissions on DMOJ using the same compiler versions that were originally used to grade them on PEG. Generally, they should run faster on DMOJ than they did on PEG, but we cannot guarantee that 100% of AC submissions will remain AC. Languages other than C and C++ will be rejudged on DMOJ using whatever compiler or interpreter version is available on DMOJ. Again, while we will make every effort to migrate submissions as "accurately" as possible, there are no guarantees.

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Why don't you try to ask for help to preserve as it is now? For instance spread the announce about it's imminent "fate". I remember that, once, the owner of signaled that he is about to close his site and immediately received enough money. I am sure that even the Canadian govern will help you. It may be viewed as a joke but... it seems Canadian govern encourages "migration" (even for sites)

To be honest, the PEG Judge code base should be retired. Writing a whole new judge from scratch would be less work than maintaining the site as it currently is. Migrating to DMOJ means that we get to enjoy the hard work that the DMOJ folks have already put in to building a state-of-the-art platform. It also means that we can collaborate with them in further development.

Also, you could ask for monthly free donations from users, I will contribute. Maybe this idea should be taken into consideration if you want to bring back to life as it looks now.

what a brilliant idea! ...... oops, too late

Approximately when would it be possible to merge with my account on DMOJ (