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by Alex on Apr 28, 2015 - 11:48:46 pm UTC
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This is the place to post general comments, such as pressing bugs or broader questions.

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Hanson, or whoever, could you remove the 3/5 pointer limit on my account? angel.gif

Whoops, that wasn't supposed to be there. Fixed

This judge site is getting so many new features. impressed.gif

We should have like instant messaging on the site, with a friend list and "users online". biggrin.gif

I've heard a rumor that on the "Best Solutions" page for problems, the judge organizes the solutions in order of time , ie. the fastest solutions will be at the top. Is this true even for when the judge shows 0.00 s, can it actually detect times faster than that but it just doesn't show them?

I think it's whoever solved it first.
It's probably compare time, then memory, then date.
(Am I right?)

The judge provides time to roughly 0.004s accuracy.
So there is a bit more accuracy than there is displayed.

Of course, Yves is right - the ranks are in order of time first (the more accurate version), then memory, and finally by date.
For the 0.00s problems, there is a bit of randomness involved anyway - the ranks aren't very significant.

Does this mean we can't do woburn challegne 5 pointers too?

and do they apply if you're not in CompSci?

Haotian: only CCC 3/5s are limited (refer to the marking system).
Yves: It shouldn't, I fixed that. I'll organize the comments page better sometime.

Feedback eh
hmmm i think you need more examples and much clear questions as some of them are really confusing to us first years lol

and the contest idea is pretty cool gl on that...

How are they derived?

They're based on Brian's PEG programming ratings (though the numbers are slightly different, I'm not sure why)

Yeah I know lol. Just curious that's all.

What are you going to say to that Bosco?

Wait... If you're not iman00b, then who the hell is?

it's funny how you two, the people who created multiple accounts in the first place and prompted Hanson to state that multiple accounts are illegal, are bickering about it.

I dunno Hao, what happened to iman00b?