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by Alex on Apr 28, 2015 - 11:48:46 pm UTC
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MErry Christmas and Happy Coding!

Hope you all had a nice christmas. Or at least better than mine.

I think it would be more helpful to post analysis pages like the ones on USACO than to simply let us see others' code.

That would be easy to implement, but someone has to write them...
This also prevents the "Best Solutions" page from becoming useless, I guess.

That's why I suggested it. I like writing stuff, it prevents me from becoming bored (especially since I've been unusually reluctant to code for the past month.)

after ccc is over, do we get the points back that we lost due to the new test case

scroll down and you'll see the answer to your question.

edit: well hanson deleted his reply to my post about it, but his answer was that you don't.

Hey Hanson, is it possible to implant IM onto the website just so we can see whos logged in and ask questions?

I'm on Yahoo! Messenger chat (when it is working at least), you could just ask me questions there.

I suggest we have a general place where we can vote on things - for example, in the left side bar or something. This way, more people will see it, and we will get much more input.

-- Toby Li

A compromise: vote threads are now 'sticky'.

Do you think we could enable people to see other peoples code for problems that thy have already done just so we can learn how to shorten and optimize our code as well as learn different approaches to the problem. Just for ones that have already been completed...

Why don't Hanson just post his codes then...

Cause his is ALWAYS shorter and optimized ^_^

Hanson, for some reason my total point count went down from 298 to 291, did some problem value go down? BTW-sorry for comment spamming

The problems have been readjusted. You probably lost points on Max Distance

LOL, oh ya you're right, Thanks Scott

Love the seasonal Template!

Can we have a deadline display for the Bi-Weekly problems.

For Example

Intervals: Points halved 0000hrs DEC 20th

It would probably be quite a bit of work for Hanson, and it's really not necessary - if you forget and want to know, you can just ask one of us.

I suppose it's possible, but it's pretty useless.
I think you're capable of counting days tongue.gif

We should have more problems like this one.

lol, i don't like the fact that your score might end in a decimal because I think decimal scores look ugly.

lol not because of the points, and regarding those this was one of the hardest problems I've tried to do.

yeah, it's hard in its own way.

- That's what she said! -- anonymous

lol, i suggested you write that at lunch.