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by Alex on Apr 28, 2015 - 11:48:46 pm UTC
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it seems that SOME people are spam submitting, so they can loose points and solve problems and regain them next year, because we won't get full marks for programs from this year...

huh? How can spam submitting make you lose points?

Apparently, Jargon lost his points for a plus b by doing that...
He also said some other ones were done the same way

Ok, at first this was not intentional, and it still isn't. It seems that sometimes if you submit the same program, you can get different run-times. So of course, by "spam" submitting, you can lower your run time. This was what I was trying to do. In the process of doing so, there were lots of my submissions on the exact same thing over and over again. I don't know who did it, but someone deleted all my submissions on that program, thus making me lose points.

It is not that you can reduce your time.
It's simply (as stated in another post) that run-times vary for each submission.
Regardless, this was (at first, anyway) completely unintentional.

I don't do it intentionally

How can you accidentally submit code over and over again? confused.gif

The CCC is coming up in less than a month.

Would you guys like to have some practice contests hosted on the judge?
(outside of school hours; these practices would probably take more than an hour)
I can put together some problemsets once a week or so.

can we do them in PEG?

Yeah that'd be cool if you have the time to.
Doing them during PEG would be optimal but there could be other stuff to do then as well.

OK, for practices from home - what time is good? Weekends?
Keep in mind that you'll probably need to have 1-2 hours free.


hmmm, what about doing it USACO style? you get the whole weekend and you can choose any 1-2 hours to do it? (just don't make it on the same weekend as a USACO contest of course)

Sure, that works.
The first contest will run this weekend, then. (all of Saturday - Monday)
You'll get three hours starting from the moment you enter the contest page.

are you going to run this contest like a USACO contest, where the latest submission for a problem is your final one and you get your results after the contest, or will it be like the PEG programming tests, where we find out instantly if our program passes the test data(i.e we get a chance to debug and fix if we made a mistake)?

It will be like a CCC contest. (1 submission only)
I'll make compile errors an exception though, just in case you get some G++ weirdness.
But you will get your results instantly.

Yeah in PEG we have to work on short questions some more :P
However we might do some CCC stuff during programming practices.

do the churchill kids get to write CCC?

Will juniors be able to go on for practice/points?

the practice is hosted on the contest section of the judge. Points counted there do no count for your judge points.

Two days before happy new year!

If you use cout for output, then you can flush output by sending "flush" to cout, hence
cout << x << flush;
Also, endl flushes cout automatically, so
cout << x << endl;
will suffice if the output is to be flushed after writing x and a newline.

I was just wondering if we can have an alphabetically sorted My Account page?? Right now its not really sorted but it is 'kinda' grouped together depending on what type of problem it is... And I am not sure about other people, but I am having a hard time checking if I have done a problem and/or checking how many points I have for a specific partial point problem.

Come to think of it, dividing solved problems into separate categories would be a good idea.
But this will be a bit annoying, so I'll get around to it sometime later.

Would this be a viable option for users who have finished a problem?

Sure. I'll implement this sometime.
this is now implemented! see the news
Just don't try to exploit the test data to get a better runtime tongue.gif

For solutions, at the bottom there are 2 things there

Lines and Non-Blank characters

However, my own submissions don't have those.
I'm just wondering if they can be added.
Makes comparing a lot easier.

PROTIP: use the edit feature!
Yeah, I guess I can add this in sometime.
OK this is done, and it's appropriately commented out for whichever language you submitted in.


It seems that certain unnamed parties seem to have the mindset that they should learn all that they can, then not share their knowledge with others.

I guess _someone_ would not like the idea of GNU.

The whole point of learning is so that you can pass it onto others. Imagine if your teachers never shared knowledge with you, and would not let you surpass them. What a stupid idea, and a selfish one at that.

I guess that says a lot about a person.

Just a suggestion. Have a list to which we can add problems so we can access them more easily.