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by Alex on Apr 28, 2015 - 11:48:46 pm UTC
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If you are wondering why you lost 3 points, Brian has deleted Bluebook-Ceil. Some think that this question is too easy/no point. Besides, there is a 'ceil' function in pascal. XD

Thank you Yves.


Some think that this question is too easy/no point. Besides, there is a 'ceil' function in pascal.

No,why did you say "Thank you Yves."?

Has anyone else noticed that the Judge has become unacceptably slow lately?

If enough people respond, I'll try to fix it more quickly.

I've noticed. Before, it took only a few seconds for the judge to check my program. Now it takes minutes.

I cannot fix this; I can only blame our hosting company for being that crappy. I was talking about page loads.

If it helps, I've niced the compilation and testing to -5, giving them higher priorities.

hey Guys
This morning i have tried to submit Prime, Junior and RSA numbers and the wait for an answer is over 1/2 hour.Could you please speed it up?

There's nothing anyone can do about it. I'm sure Brian already tried his best to speed up the system. It was probably just a bug, or because you've never submitted any programs to the question before. Just see if it gets any better.

I know that essentially nobody uses PEGWiki, but is there a reason as to why it's loading so slowly?

It doesn't load particularly slowly for me... but then again, everything on this VPS has a long delay (even running the "ls" command can sometimes take up to a minute).

I really don't get the point of this question if there is a 'ceil' function in pascal. Just look at the most recent submission.
For any of you who don't know, yes, there is a 'ceil' function in pascal.

I got an AC by submitting a program which didn't do anything. However, I was not awarded a point, so I'm not entirely sure what this problem is asking us to do :S

I'm quite sure there are no test cases.

What is this question supposed to be?

Out of curiosity, for interpreted languages (e.g. Ruby & Python), does "Your submission compiled successfully " mean that there was no IR, or does it just mean nothing?

If the actual status is "Waiting", "Compile Error", "Invalid Return", or "Internal Error", this will be indicated in the restricted submission detail. Otherwise you will only see "Your submission compiled successfully".

Login seems to be broken on Chrome Dev 11.0.672.2, Chrome Canary 11.0.672.0, and Chrome Beta 10.0.648.82.

I emailed Brian about that.
For me, it didn't login on FFox, Chrome and IE but clearing cookie cache solved it for all browsers.

The following bookmarklet from stackoverflow works nicely:
javascript:new function(){var c=document.cookie.split(";");for(var i=0;i<c.length;i++){var e=c[i].indexOf("=");var n=e>-1?c[i].substr(0,e):c[i];document.cookie=n+"=;expires=Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT";}}()

This isn't a new bug, but I don't think that the cheat detector works. Could you take a look at it?

Fixed (although it can take up to two minutes now).

What do you mean it doesn't work? The judge can't check if a program is the same as another?

I could explain it, but it'd be a waste of time because this issue only affects admins.

On the registration page, you can find "An internal error occurred: 49C7104AE4938.A0D4A0C.3125E0F2;" a page refresh will change the last few digits in the first segment.

Oh, and also, a number of pages don't pass the W3C markup check, such as user pages and the registration page.

I'm not sure how that happened, but it's fixed.