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by Alex on Apr 28, 2015 - 11:48:46 pm UTC
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This is the place to post general comments, such as pressing bugs or broader questions.

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If I log in as imbacalvin or ImBaCalVIN, it will stay as imbacalvin or ImBaCalVIN.
It will not identify my account as ImbaCalvin like it did before, but I still can submit, and points are added to the correct account.

And I can't use "Change Password" and "Edit User Info" features if i am not logging in as exactly "ImbaCalvin".

Password form isn't replacing the characters of the password with dots.
Also <b> tags around README.

I don't know if this is important, but when you try submitting anything without a problem code, there's an ugly PHP error and characters like '<' and '>' are replaced by &lt; and &gt; in the code being submitted.

The ugly PHP error is fixed. The double escaping is a CodeIgniter issue.

HTTP Error 500, when viewing the details of past submissions, on Google Chrome.

are tolerated, but not to be used as voting mules.

I already talked to you; you pointed out the ToS. I don't think any other admins would disagree on appropriateness.

I heard that submissions were deleted.

So apparently it is true...why did you guys take the questions off? I don't really see the point here :/

25 problems were temporarily moved into a contest, and should be back with all of their submissions shortly.

That is just so awesome. (Not for me, but this is general opinion)

Presumably, people can live without 25 of the easiest problems on the Judge for a few hours.

The panic was more due to the number of points and submissions lost, rather than to the nonexistence of these problems.

Ah, no. For me, it was the sentimental value, and I think it was the same for most people. Actually, the fact that they were the easiest questions might have worried a few of the new members.

But seriously, I can live without them. I just didn't know how many problems were removed, and I thought everything would disappear and I would lose all of my code...when I read that email.

Grrrr...I keep thinking "Rafya" instead...

The issue is fixed (I think).

Thank you PEG OJ. :)

Because Alex has made a problem, Crosswords, shouldn't his name be highlighted in yellow on user list?

He authored the problem and so he was credited for it. That doesn't necessarily mean that he is a Problem setter though.

Links such as
'' and
(essentially any click on 'Login' on any page) causes a 404 error.

Perhaps due to the '/' char?
Tested on Chrome 19 Dev and Firefox 10 Stable.

Viewing analyses was broken yesterday, so I fixed it; but it seems that in doing so, I broke the _GET stuff. I reverted the change, but now it looks like I need to find some other way to get analyses to work :/