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Re: Hint magicalsoup yes Mar 15, 2018 - 11:27:13 pm UTC
Hint Marko99 Is possible to solve this problem using DP? Mar 15, 2018 - 5:14:07 pm UTC
SIGABRT Kirito Can I have a hint as to why I'm getting SIGABRT? Thanks! Dec 25, 2016 - 6:03:39 am UTC
Re: SIGSEGV bbi5291 10e5 is not the same as 1e5. Sep 30, 2015 - 5:46:18 am UTC
SIGSEGV bobhob314 It seems that this const int MAXN = 3*1e5+2; is illegal in PEG judges for some reason. Edit: Thanks. Sep 30, 2015 - 12:08:19 am UTC
mm javic i thought u said scores are from 1 to 100000 inclusive.... but apparently there is 0 in the first two test cases, which was funny how i got TLE for the first two cases xD Apr 06, 2009 - 7:13:08 am UTC
help? Daniel For some reason my binary tree keeps on resetting itself after the insertion procedure. How do I stop this? Mar 24, 2009 - 9:52:53 pm UTC
Re: help? jargon RE 216 is GPE. As stated from Free Pascal: 216 General Protection fault The application tried to access invalid memory spac... Mar 17, 2009 - 1:30:23 am UTC
help? Daniel I keep on getting General Protection Fault and some Run-time 216. Does anyone know what that means? Mar 17, 2009 - 12:49:09 am UTC
Hint bbi5291 Use a binary search tree or binary indexed tree. Mar 16, 2009 - 8:28:40 pm UTC