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Re: ... Alex Let's say no more than 20 characters. May 18, 2014 - 9:11:12 pm UTC
... ImaxBlue what is the largest length of a name? I'm going to use ascii value of each character in part to make life easier. May 18, 2014 - 8:47:36 pm UTC
Re: Re: Hint SourSpinach We'll give hints on Bi-weekly Challenges after their values have been halved =P Dec 05, 2008 - 1:57:36 am UTC
Re: Hint dAedaL LoL give some hints on the new BiWeeklys please :) Dec 05, 2008 - 1:53:53 am UTC
Hint SourSpinach You don't need to do this problem in a very smart way to get it to work. Jim-Bob might be a redneck if any of his relatives is a redneck, so...find all his relatives, and check if each one is a redne... Dec 05, 2008 - 1:53:03 am UTC
... dAedaL =-= how is it i get ONE wrong in each testcase? T.T Nov 29, 2008 - 11:59:11 pm UTC
No SourSpinach He's not always first, but he is always somewhere. Nov 28, 2008 - 3:25:29 am UTC
First person StealthAdept Is the first person listed always Jim-Bob? Or can he be somewhere else in the list? Nov 21, 2008 - 2:19:17 am UTC