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Re: Re: question ilovepi It's worth 2 points partial now Feb 06, 2011 - 5:34:53 am UTC
Re: question hansonw1 No. That's why the last case is worth 10 points :P You can either a) use string math or b) use 3 longints to store the number. (You might want to try aplusb2 first) Feb 15, 2009 - 3:01:59 pm UTC
question Daniel is there anyway to make floating points more accurate? Feb 15, 2009 - 1:44:06 pm UTC
Re: ... bbi5291 A member of the universe of discourse either belongs to the set or does not belong to it; a set contains no duplicates, not unlike the STL container. Jan 13, 2009 - 11:35:45 pm UTC
... dAedaL I'm guessing numbers must be unique as well? Jan 13, 2009 - 11:32:57 pm UTC
... hansonw1 This was a quiz (on dynamic programming) last year - I guess there's no time for that, so I posted it here instead. Jan 13, 2009 - 3:13:46 am UTC