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oops ryuuga Thank you. that explains and fixes it. example worked both ways(it starts 5 above and below bottom/top), and I rarely see those coordinate systems Still too slow for last 7 cases, but works for others... Jul 11, 2010 - 2:57:42 am UTC
Re: ... bbi5291 The output file that the site shows you contains the largest possible area. If the region you output has this area and also satisfies the criteria, that case is judged as correct. I think that the ju... Jul 11, 2010 - 2:23:04 am UTC
... ryuuga case 1 seems to be completely wrong for the judge... my program should work for that case, even though it is too slow What does the judge check the answers against? Jul 09, 2010 - 7:23:42 am UTC