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i have read documentation of the cstudio. but i have not been able to solve it, magicalsoup can someone please help me? thanks Mar 31, 2018 - 7:53:57 pm UTC
Re: lol? bbi5291 read this Aug 27, 2012 - 2:38:40 pm UTC
lol? zzh8829 why my code is unpredictable? test perfect on my computer Aug 27, 2012 - 1:11:23 pm UTC
Re: So you cannot do this on java? jargon Correct, you may not solve this problem in java. Dec 05, 2011 - 3:53:01 am UTC
So you cannot do this on java? Srot or is there a way to do it in java? Dec 05, 2011 - 3:36:02 am UTC
Re: Re: Python tristan Fair enough. Nov 23, 2011 - 2:59:14 am UTC
Re: Python jargon In certain interpreted languages such as Python and Ruby, semicolons are optional and thus the problem is trivial. The whole reason semicolons are disallowed is to make the problem somewhat challengin... Nov 19, 2011 - 8:31:40 pm UTC
Python tristan Why can't Python solutions be submitted? If the solution doesn't include a semicolon, I don't see why it shouldn't be accepted (even if it is a really simple solution). Nov 19, 2011 - 7:59:58 pm UTC
Re: System bbi5291 Yes --- processes are not allowed to fork(). Feb 19, 2011 - 8:46:49 pm UTC
System Daniel Is system() in C disabled on the judge? Feb 19, 2011 - 7:49:57 pm UTC