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Python split Runtime Error mrwiredancer I removed every line of code, except for the input().split(). And it returns runtime error on the 10,000 element test case.... Oct 14, 2017 - 8:01:46 am UTC
Re: Test cases updated jimgao Then update the problem type too. Feb 12, 2015 - 12:40:20 am UTC
Re: Problem With Class Name SourSpinach Time limit exceeded. Aug 08, 2013 - 5:09:35 am UTC
Problem With Class Name MarioA when submitting java code the class name is that of the problem code...I believe that the second test case is looking for another name for the class. Yes? or is a problem in my algorithm? Aug 08, 2013 - 4:05:39 am UTC
Re: Re: Re: Number limit? Bob there is a pascal compiler on the judge that allows u to declare an array of 100000 longints without exceeding the memory limit Jan 24, 2009 - 12:51:49 am UTC
Re: Re: Number limit? frenzybenzy But on Tp it wonk work with 100000. PS.curses Jan 24, 2009 - 12:51:13 am UTC
Re: Number limit? Bob just do longint P.S. finished this problem before u Jan 23, 2009 - 11:56:57 pm UTC
Number limit? frenzybenzy for every element in the sequence, what is the limit. I was wondering if integer would work... Jan 23, 2009 - 11:42:47 pm UTC
Academic Questions DrSane This problem is very similar to the first problem that was on my CS 145 final exam at Waterloo. I'm sure almost everyone got 10/10 on it, though. Jan 23, 2009 - 4:29:42 am UTC
Re: Re: clarification? hansonw1 This isn't true, it's just a coincidence this works on the test data :P As the problem statement says, the first number can be greater than or equal to - not just equal to. Jan 23, 2009 - 2:34:49 am UTC