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Re: Re: Why do I get Segmentation Fault? HelloMelloC Thanks, that solved it. The code worked fine on my computer, but I guess I'll keep that in mind for future solutions. Feb 18, 2011 - 10:41:56 pm UTC
Re: Why do I get Segmentation Fault? SourSpinach Perhaps this works differently on your compiler... But on my computer, and on the Judge, if you have cin >> a >> b; When your program inputs b, it doesn't yet have the value of a. Always safer to do c... Feb 18, 2011 - 8:32:28 pm UTC
Why do I get Segmentation Fault? HelloMelloC All of the test input (found at official cemc site) work on my computer, even test case 5. I found that I had to copy the test data (except for the first one) into word or the formatting would be all ... Feb 18, 2011 - 7:14:50 pm UTC
Re: Note bbi5291 Although it is not absolutely necessary; SourSpinach's code avoids it. I do believe the maximum possible answer is 223092870, which fits in an int/longint. Apr 19, 2009 - 2:49:15 pm UTC
Note jargon You may need to use a long long (C++) or an int64 (PAS) to compute your answer. Apr 19, 2009 - 2:35:53 pm UTC
Warning hansonw1 A naive approach (that is, just simulating each round) will not work in time. Apr 18, 2009 - 6:12:56 pm UTC