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Re: X magicalsoup you can copy the input into your compiler to check, but i think it is a capital x Dec 14, 2018 - 11:57:20 pm UTC
X TheBoss77 Is the multiplying sign a capital x, X? Dec 12, 2018 - 11:53:29 pm UTC
Re: Help for you jargon That's funny. As an administrator, I can't help but notice you're not in the administrators group. Jan 28, 2018 - 9:35:35 pm UTC
Help for you AwesomeBill Hello, I am an administrator. Do you need help? Help me first and then I will help you on another question. Thank you. AwesomeBill the administrator Jan 28, 2018 - 2:50:30 pm UTC
Re: Simple gotchas Kizana how does this even work so hard Dec 12, 2017 - 10:08:08 pm UTC
Re: Simple gotchas Eason how do u do this Jun 09, 2017 - 8:28:54 pm UTC
Simple gotchas timmyjose Be careful with the format specifiers that you use! Apr 09, 2016 - 6:40:49 am UTC