Woburn Challenge Finals Results

by Alex on May 07, 2016 - 3:37:23 am UTC
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Thank you all who joined us for the Woburn Challenge 2015-16 on-site finals this afternoon! After an unbelievably tight race, Richmond Green Secondary School managed to edge out the valiant competition from Don Mills Collegiate Institute (by a mere 1 point within the last 6 minutes of the contest!) to ultimately secure 1st place in the senior division. Meanwhile, Thornhill Secondary School clinched their own champion spot in the junior division. Though this was arguably our toughest contest of the year, we still believe that there was something there for everyone.

The contest problems have been cloned to the main judge: J1, J2, J3/S1, J4/S2, J5/S3, S4, S5.
Problems, solutions, and test data will be posted shortly to this page.

The senior division prizewinners are:
  • Bill Zheng, Josh Jung, and Henry Gao of Richmond Green Secondary School ($250)
  • Timothy Li, Patrick Au, and Kevin Wang of Don Mills Collegiate Institute ($200)
  • Jason Yuen and William Wen of Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School ($150)
  • Jason Kuo and Robert Cummings of A. Y. Jackson Secondary School ($75)
The junior division prizewinners are:
  • Max Li and Alexander Kursell of Thornhill Secondary School ($150)
  • Kevin Wang and Saswata Gupta of Glenforest Secondary School ($100)
  • Alexander Shah and Callum Moseley of Richmond Hill High School ($75)
Congratulations! We would love to hear your feedback about how to improve for next year, so please send them to [email protected]. That said, we hope you enjoyed the last round of the season and look forward to bringing you many more exciting challenges in the years to come!

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