Woburn Challenge round 3 results are now available!

by Alex on Feb 16, 2016 - 5:23:51 am UTC
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Thanks to all of you who took part in round 3, new and returning competitors alike! This round proved to be a bit rougher than usual, both on your end and ours. To start, there were no perfect scorers in either division. Although the first three problems of both divisions had many wonderful full and partial solutions, the last problems seemed to have perplexed everybody. Indeed, getting 100% on either of them them required a fair bit of tricky preprocessing. On the other hand, we also did run into some issues with the problem statements and test data. The issues have all been addressed in comments to the corresponding problems on the judge. Although we strongly believe that these issues had a negligible effect on the overall results, we nonetheless promise to be more careful in the future.

Click here for full results to the contest. Problems, solutions, and test data are now available here.

The senior division prizewinners for this round are:
  • Timothy Li of Don Mills Collegiate Institute ($200)
  • Jeffrey Xiao of University of Toronto Schools ($100)
  • Jason Yuen of Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School ($50)
  • Bill Zheng of Richmond Green Secondary School ($50)
  • Weiwei Zhong of Glenforest Secondary School ($50)
The junior division prizewinners for this round are:
  • Jonathan Chang of Don Mills Collegiate Institute ($50)
  • Allan Xu of Woburn Collegiate Institute ($25)
  • Christopher DeGuzman of Glenforest Secondary School ($25)
Congratulations to all of you! These prizes will be distributed as Visa gift cards, and we will be contacting your teachers shortly about sending them out. If you haven't won a prize, keep on practicing! We have many more prize opportunities for you throughout the year.

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