Goodbye USACO Problems

by Alex on Mar 12, 2015 - 1:14:36 am UTC
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Due to a recent request from Dr. Brian Dean, the other administrators and I have decided to remove our archive of USACO problems. We do this out of courtesy for Dr. Dean and his associates, as well our appreciation for the great enrichment opportunity that USACO brings to high schools everywhere.

If you would like to further practice on USACO problems, please visit the official USACO website and practice the problems there. For one week (until March 18th), the "Farewell USACO" contest will be open in the contest area for you to back up your existing programs. We hope to bring you more exciting problems in the future.

Best wishes!

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Just a reminder: this WILL happen tomorrow. If you haven't backed up your code yet, now is the time.

I bugged Dr. Dean about this on Quora, and did in fact get a response.

The only thing I did on this site was to practice the USACO contests!

Farewell points :'(