Mock CCC 2015 is Here!

by Alex on Feb 13, 2015 - 4:26:36 am UTC
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The 2015 Canadian Computing Competition is around the corner. User FatalEagle and I have prepared another mock CCC for you to test your might.

  • When: The contest window will be between Friday, Feb 13 at noon (EST) and Monday, Feb 16 at midnight (EST). Any time during this period, you may enter the contest and your personalized timer will count down from 3 hours.
  • Where: Right here on the PEG Judge! Head over to the contests section of the site and click "Enter" when the time period begins.
  • Format: 5 problems for junior and 5 problems for senior, just like the real CCC. Each problem will be worth 15 points, and each contest is out of 5*15 = 75 points. There will be full-feedback for your submissions, and submissions times are irrelevant.

The exact same contests are also being held on the Don Mills Online Judge ( This is merely an opportunity to practice and improve, so use these system at your own discretion. Analyses will be provided after the contest period. Good luck!

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Solution are here, but only for a limited time!

Juniors solutions:
Senior solutions:

Our apologies. Due to a test data issue we've discovered, the opening of the senior contest window has been delayed by 1 hour. The junior contest will run as planned.