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by bbi5291 on Oct 10, 2014 - 4:41:05 am UTC
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Does anyone have any suggestions about how to improve the user interface? It hasn't received much attention since I've mostly been focusing on adding new features and fixing bugs.

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Not really a UI change, but if you could add more problem type tags the site would be really useful for training specific topics. Just my $0.02

Good idea.
I'll talk to the other admins about what should be done about this.

Do you have suggestions for what tags you'd like to see?

- Brute Force
- Greedy
Its not about what tags are missing, there are enough tags. Its that more problems needs tags, like the new USACO problems

remembering logins would be nice !

edit: o woops my chrome settings are messed up

AFAIK logins are already remembered.

  • Zebra stripe the problems page.
  • Format the times nicely (using Moment.js?) on the submissions page.
  • Hide comments from the feed if they're from different contests.
  • Add a column for partial on the problems page rather than having ##p?
  • The search form on the problems page could use some love.
  • Behaviour between the problem search form and the comments search form should be consistent.
  • Infinite scrolling on problems page? biggrin.gif
  • Use/enable markdown for formatting comments instead of the rather outdated BBCode.
  • The LaTeX example image on the analysis page is broken.
  • Using CodeMirror for the submit page would be sexy but ultimately not that useful.

A new "view source" page has been added (only applies to your own submissions). You may need to reload the site with Shift-F5 to make it work.

Option+Shift+R on a Mac

The other day I was thinking that it would be kinda cool/useful if on a users page you had the option to collapse categories.