Announcing: Maniacal Midsummer Marathon 2014

by Alex on Jul 01, 2014 - 12:03:25 am UTC
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Are you up for a challenge? The Maniacal Midsummer Marathon 2014 is here for you to test your might.
Our rating system has been collecting dust for quite a while, so it's finally time to put it to some use!

When: Tuesday, July 1st 4:00PM UTC to Friday, July 11th 4:00PM UTC
Where: Here on the PEG Judge. Compete now at:
Who: Anybody can participate!
Contest Setters: Alex, FatalEagle, and nullptr
  • 10 days, 10 8 problems.
  • All problems have partial scoring enabled, and time is ignored. You can submit as many times as you want, and your highest score counts.
  • The first 5 problems will be released when the contest starts. The last 5 problems will be released later on into the contest.
Good luck!

Update: Problem F, G, and H have been released.

Update 2: Due to the rather steep difficulty curve of the problems, the contest setters have decided to only release 8 total problems to prevent the rich from getting richer.
As a result, some problems have been slightly revalued, and the last problem has been designed to be fairly open-ended and interesting to compensate for this change.

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Thanks for participating! Ratings have been updated. Analyses will be posted shortly.