PEG Judge basic functionality now in place

by bbi5291 on May 12, 2013 - 5:16:34 am UTC
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We've just migrated over from the previous server. Unfortunately, the last 6 months or so of submissions were lost. This is entirely my fault, so downvote away.

As usual, reply to this comment if you notice anything broken.

EDIT: Stop replying to this comment whenever you find a new bug. This was only supposed to be for bugs related to the migration. If you're just discovering them now, they're probably not in that category.

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Also, the "accepted user" bar for specific questions are misplaced...

Please, provide an example.

If you click the "Best Solution" on any question, the green bar "Accepted Users" and numbers are misplaced. The rest like WA,TLE,IR are at the correct alignment.
I'm using IE9...

Cannot repro. Please post a screenshot.

(Also, have you tried clearing your cache?)

lol. The style traces correctly to be inherited from <th> but it doesn't actually render as though it was inherited without explicitly stating so.

Should be fixed now. I decided <th> was the wrong tag to use anyway, and replaced it with <td><strong>...

Also, the reply button doesn't seem to exist on mobile browsers.


For a split second when the page is loading, it looks like this:
Then it just looks like this:
This applies to Chrome on iOS 6.1, but I'm pretty sure the same happens for Safari too. Not sure about Android.

No repro on stock browser (CyanogenMod 9.1.0) or Dolphin 9.4.1 for Android.

Nvm, probably just me then. Move on.

WFM on Chrome on Android. The usability is pretty bad though :P

Are you aware that viewing other people's solutions doesn't work (probably only as a non-admin)?
A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: Warning
Message: imagettftext(): Could not find/open font
Filename: controllers/submissions.php
Line Number: 496

same here, cant view other's submissions


2003 Canadian Computing Competition, Stage 1 Problem J5/S3: Floor Plan
had a value of 10 points, but it is 5 now...

That probably means it was 5 points originally then someone changed it to 10 during the last 6 months, and it's been reverted as a consequence. Maybe they'll change it again.