Who wants problem setter and contest setter support?

by bbi5291 on Jun 24, 2011 - 11:00:03 pm UTC
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I've decided that there's no immediate need to refactor the contest system as I had initially planned. I used to think the inefficiency of the database logic caused the poor performance of the site, and that it was fast sometimes because of caching. The actual truth is that all the slowness is due to occasional extremely high network latency, so nothing I do can guarantee that the site never takes 10 seconds to load (except moving to a dedicated server, which is actually too expensive).

I don't see any major issues with the Judge and I think it has all the piecen an online judge would be expected to have, with one exception --- support for non-admin problem setters and contest setters (as in SPOJ, which I consider the "industry standard", although we did have a comment system before they did, I think).

How many [non-admins] would like to become problem setters and contest setters, and how often do you see yourself adding problems?

After I add this functionality (if there is sufficient interest), I plan to basically stop active development on the Judge (barring some major breakthrough such as a significant expansion of the user base).

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I'm interested.
Also, how is the possibility of an in-browser code editor (like the one on SPOJ)?

You don't count, because you're already an admin.

Anything IDE-related I could come up with would be inferior to ideone, so there's really no point.

I think Daniel just means the indentation/syntax highlight parts of the editor. And the point is not to use external ide's. (Save a few seconds of copy/paste time...)

Anyways, I'm interested. I don't think I'm an admin.

Is there a particular reason I can't be problem setter?

I know for sure I'm not admin...

Okay, I suppose I'll implement problem setter support. It'll have to wait until the migration to yet another server, though, which is slated for next week when I get back to Toronto. (I've already been rejected by a hosting company once for apparently placing the order from a different country than the one my billing address is located in.)

By the by, the comment system of the 'industry standard' is (in my perspective?) rather flawed: any psetter can delete anybody's comments - not only those on eir own problems. :P

Also, psetters can use HTML in their comments, and that includes <script> tags >_>