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Hello, World! Welcome to PEGWiki! This is the informational part of the website of the Woburn C.I. Programming Enrichment Group (PEG); the functional part, our online judge, is located here. This wiki has the following aims:

  • to contain all interesting information about our organization, including but not limited to our goals, members, upcoming events, up-to-date news, achievements, memories, and training materials, superseding the old site,
  • to be a nexus of constructive collaboration of PEG members,
  • to organize and provide information about algorithms, data structures, and other things of interest in computer science for future generations of PEG members, in case a strong leader of PEG is not available, and also for everyone else in the world, should they find our material worth perusing, and
  • to provide the clearest and most concise explanations available for conceptually difficult topics in computer science; to use one's own knowledge of difficult concepts to make it easier for others who wish to learn them.

Even if you are not a member of PEG, feel free to contribute to our wiki, as long as you do so constructively. See how you can help now!

If there is a topic you would like to see covered that isn't here, add it to the list on the Community Portal! We especially welcome topics that are poorly covered in online sources (see Convex hull trick for one example).

This page is under construction. See Special:AllPages for an index.