A Plus B

Given two integers a and b, output the sum of a and b.
A and B, as well as A+B will be less than 10000 in absolute value.

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Point Value: 2
Time Limit: 2.00s
Memory Limit: 16M
Added: Sep 23, 2008

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Some submissions have memory usage below the minimum assembly program(sys_exit();), this shouldn't be possible. Also, can we please rejudge this problem? As it currently stands it's literally impossible to compete with the earlier submissions for memory usage.

Somehow got 100/100 and an RE

If you return a nonzero value, then your code will RE. As long as you produce the correct output, however, you'll still earn the points.

I fanally can chat. Why does peg make you do this question in order to chat? its werid.

There have been issues in the past with spambots, as there isn't really any registration verification. Since anybody who can program should be able to solve A plus B, this acts as a sort of filter, that determines the users from the spambots

Anybody who can write a spam bot can also solve this...(and I really doubt there are any "creative" solutions to this)

This is a measure against automated bots that cast a wide net.

If somebody were to write a bot that specifically targeted us, then naturally this wouldn't work.

Mind you, this isn't an invitation to try and do just that...

This isn't even supposed to be a chat. It should really only be used for discussing whether the problem might have an issue, such as incorrect test data or an overly strict time limit.

We're going to make it so you'll have commenting privileges as soon as you score any points. The only reason it isn't yet is performance issues (read: implementer laziness).

run again

bruce why am i getting TLE?

aplusb, bbi5291's favourite problem. http://wcipeg.com/submissions/bbi5291,

I submit here to make sure the judge is still working after I make changes.

Brian I am your fan.Thanks for everything you are doing here.

Yaaaaay!! I did my first problem!

I solved my first problem :D

OMG I solved my first problem.