Woburn Challenge round 4 results are now available!

by Alex on Apr 15, 2017 - 7:09:43 am UTC
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Thank you for joining us for the final online round of the year! We found the problems for this round to be tough but fair. There were several perfect scores in both divisions despite how challenging the problems have become. Superb! Problems, solutions, and test data are now posted here.

The senior division prizewinners are:
  • Brian Chau of Woburn Collegiate Institute ($200)
  • Leo Feng of Vincent Massey Secondary School ($100)
  • Arielle Shannon of University of Toronto Schools ($50)
  • Zixiang Zhou of University Heights Public School ($50)
  • William Wen of Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School ($50)
The junior division prizewinners are:
  • Justin Pu of William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute ($50)
  • Allan Xu of Woburn Collegiate Institute ($25)
  • Arsh Raza of William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute ($25)
Congratulations! These prizes will be distributed as Visa gift cards, and we will be contacting your teachers shortly about sending them out.

The date of the Woburn Challenge on-site finals will be released in the middle of next week, when the invitations will also be sent out. Be on the lookout!

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