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WCIPEG (alternatively called the PEG Judge) was a website that hosted many different programming problems and judged solutions to these programming problems. It was created by Programming Enrichment Group members at Woburn C.I.


It is unknown when the WCIPEG was started, but the old WCIPEG site[1] has news that date back to February 2007. It mainly focused on problems from contests like the CCC, ECOO, ACSL, USACO and DWITE.

New Look[edit]

At some point, the WCIPEG site was revamped. The 1st post on the news site occurred at October 21, 2008. There were more and more contest problems on the site, including problems from Woburn C.I's own Woburn Challenge.


On June 7, 2020, administrator bbi5291 decided to merge WCIPEG with DMOJ (Don Mills Online Judge) because it was "under more active development". By July 31, 2020, the judge was no longer functional, indicating the site had officially shut down. (The wiki is still active, though.)

User accounts ended up getting ported to DMOJ. If there was a username collision, they ended up having a _wcipeg suffix at the end of their username.

The problems from WCIPEG were also ported to DMOJ. As a result, DMOJ ended up getting problems from the Woburn Challenge, China's National Olympiad in Informatics, ACSL, BlueBook and more.

References in media[edit]

Problem S2 of the 2016 CCC referenced WCIPEG & DMOJ.