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Responding to a weak three opening follows the same principles as responding to a weak two opening but with less bidding space available. Generally, you can assume partner's suit will provide at least five tricks as trumps. The 2NT feature asking bid is not available, so possible responses include:

  • With slam interest, asking for keycards with 4NT, bidding 5NT Grand Slam Force, or raising to slam directly.
  • Raising partner's suit with 3+-card support
  • Raising partner's major with some support and a good hand
  • Bidding 3NT with a strong hand and stoppers in the other three suits
  • Bidding a new suit—make sure you and your partner agree on what this means. (For example, is a 4♥ response to 3♠ meant to be forcing, or does it just mean you think the heart game makes?)