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Hello, World! Welcome to PEGWiki! This is the informational part of the website of the Woburn C.I. Programming Enrichment Group (PEG); the functional part, our online judge, is located here. This wiki has the following aims:

  • to contain all interesting information about our organization, including but not limited to our goals, members, upcoming events, up-to-date news, achievements, memories, and training materials, superseding the old site,
  • to be a nexus of constructive collaboration of PEG members, and
  • to organize and provide information about algorithms, data structures, and other things of interest in computer science for future generations of PEG members, in case a strong leader of PEG is not available, and also for everyone else in the world, should they find our material worth perusing.

Even if you are not a member of PEG, feel free to contribute to our wiki, as long as you do so constructively. See how you can help now!