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Inverted minor raises are alertable. A raise of the minor implies that no major suit fit can exist, so the partnership must play in either the minor suit or notrump. With stoppers in all suits, a 3NT game is preferable to a 5m game, since making a 5m contract requires additional strength. Therefore, following an inverted minor raise, one partner or the other usually initiates stopper-bidding to determine whether notrump is viable.

Stopper-bidding sequences

In order to determine whether a notrump game is advisable, partners bid stoppers up the line. Once stopper-bidding has commenced, rebids by either partner are as follows:

  • With game-going strength and all remaining suits stopped, one signs off in 3NT.
  • With all remaining suits stopped but not knowing whether one has enough strength for 3NT, one bids 2NT. Partner then signs off in 3NT with enough strength, or 3m otherwise.
  • Otherwise, one either bids a stopper they have in a remaining suit (allowing partner to continue bidding stoppers up the line) or signs off in the agreed minor, whichever is cheaper.

Opener's rebids

My partner single-raised my minor, I have a minimum (13- HCP), and partner is a passed hand → Pass.

  • Some partnerships have an agreement that the single raise is one-round forcing, but in this particular circumstance it really makes no sense to continue bidding—with a minimum hand opposite an invitational hand, 3NT is out of the picture, and rebidding 3m has no potential upside, not even preemptive value given that both opponents have passed.

My partner single-raised my minor, I have a minimum (13- HCP), and partner is an unpassed hand → Respond 3m. Subsequent bids by partner show are stopper-showing and indicate game-forcing strength (14+ HCP).

My partner single-raised my minor and I have extra strength (15–18 total points) with a void or small singleton in a side suit and stoppers in the other two side suits → Make a splinter bid. Exception: avoid splintering in clubs since bidding 4♣ makes it impossible to sign off in 3NT.

My partner single-raised my minor and I have a maximum (19+ total points) → TODO: how to do minor-suit slam bidding?

My partner single-raised my minor, and none of the above apply → Initiate stopper-bidding.

My partner double-raised my minor and I have a maximum, so I think 3NT is viable with stoppers in all unbid suits → Initiate stopper-bidding. (Note that this depends on partnership agreement about the minimum amount of strength a jump raise can be made with.)

My partner double-raised my minor and I don't think 3NT is viable → Pass.