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After making a weak opening bid, you have already described your hand fairly well so it is up to your partner to set the contract. The principles behind doing so are described here. From your point of view, responding to partner's subsequent bids is fairly easy. This is what it looks like:

If... then...
Partner raised my suit Pass. This is NOT invitational; this is partner setting the contract.
Partner bid another suit without jumping With support, you have the option of raising partner's suit. Rebidding your own suit is also an option. If partner bids again, pass. Be sure you and your partner agree on:
  • Whether the new suit bid is forcing. (Non-forcing new suits must be alerted.)
  • How good of a suit your partner's bid shows (and hence how much of that suit you need to show "support").
  • Whether you need both support and a non-minimum in order to raise, or simply support.
Partner jump-shifted into game in another suit Pass; this is a sign-off.
Partner responded 2NT and I have a non-minimum with a solid suit (AKJxxx or better) Sign off in 3NT.
Partner responded 2NT and I have a non-minimum with A(x), Kx(x), or Qxx(x) in a side suit Bid the side suit. When partner bids again, pass. (Online sources seem to suggest that showing an ace or king takes priority over showing a queen.)
Partner responded 2NT and I have a minimum or no feature to show Rebid your suit and pass if partner bids again.
Partner responded 3NT Pass.
Partner responded 4NT See Responding to Blackwood.