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Alex L.[edit]

Woburn C.I. '15
Likes: French Fries, Ramen
Dislikes: Celery, Cheese
About: I'm a prefectionist.
Joined: October 2011

Ben Z.[edit]

Woburn C.I. '15
Birthday: Some day in August
Likes: Chicken Wings
Dislikes: Cheese
About: Anonymous
Joined: 2007


Michael Fenty[edit]

Joined: 2009

Lisa Rubini-Laforest[edit]

Joined: 2013

In memory of...[edit]

David Wright[edit]

David Wright is now retired, after having spent many years working hard with PEG. He ran the PEG Store, the primary source of income for PEG for many years; he stayed after school to supervise; he marked tests; he handled funds and other administrative details. We couldn't have done it without you, Mr. Wright.

Maria Plachta[edit]

Birthday: Valentine's Day
Likes: brilliant and hardworking, but humble students; art (particularly music and paintings); nature, beautiful gardens; good books, good food, good company
Dislikes: people full of themselves; dishonest people; self-serving politicians
I consider myself a renaissance woman

Maria Plachta passed away on April 29th, 2009, after a lengthy battle with cancer, but her spirit lives on in those fortunate enough to have known her. She was proof that there is almost no limit on what a dedicated teacher can do for her students. Si monumentum requiris, circumspice.

Former members[edit]

Feel free to add yourself to this section if you are a former member of PEG, along with years you were a member, and any information you would like to add about yourself

Alvin X.[edit]

Woburn C.I. '11

Alvin Qiu (2007-2009)[edit]

CHPS '09
Birthday: April 15th


Woburn C.I. '13
Joined: 2007

Bozo Leung (?-2010)[edit]

Woburn C.I. '10
Birthday: Dec. 10
Likes: math, biology, physics, medicine, comp.sci, debating controversial issues, piano, Reach for the Top
Dislikes: art, English, bad teachers, being one-upped by others
I enjoy reading and playing piano. My goal by the time I finish high school is getting silver at the IBO (International Biology Olympiad)

Brian Bi (2002-2010)[edit]

Woburn C.I. '10
Birthday: May 12

Bryan Qiu (2006-2009)[edit]

CHPS '09
Likes: Baseball and music
Dislikes: Stéphane Dion

Christopher Taimla (?-2010)[edit]

Woburn C.I. '10


Woburn C.I. '13
Joined: 2006


Likes: Computer Games
Dislikes: Weird educational games
About: I hate broccoli.

Haotian Qin[edit]

Woburn C.I. '10
Likes: Sports, gaming, watching movies.
Dislikes: Work (but I am hoping I can earn 1000 points this year)
I am an outgoing person and will make friends with anyone.

Jacob Plachta (2002-2010)[edit]

Woburn C.I. '10
Birthday: June 26th
Likes: Programming
Dislikes: Short Questions
In PEG since '02! :D

Jordan Ho (2006-2009)[edit]

CHPS '09

Joyce W.[edit]

Woburn C.I. '11
Birthday: June 18
Likes: asian dramas/music! and snoopy xD
Dis-Likes: hmm. many things. =P
"It's better to keep your mouth closed and give the impression of stupidity than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Longyou Cai[edit]

Woburn C.I. '13
Joined: 2006
Birthday: May 10
Likes: Sushi
Dislikes: Homework


Woburn C.I. '13
Birthday:July 12

Ross Dickson (?-2010)[edit]

Woburn C.I. '10

Ryan Do (2007-2008)[edit]

Woburn C.I. '14


Woburn C.I. '11
Birthday: November 30
Likes: Lots of things
Dis-Likes: Even more things. =(


Woburn C.I. '11

Toby Li (2006-2010)[edit]

Woburn C.I. '10


Woburn C.I. '13
Joined: 2007
Birthday: May 29

William Granados[edit]

Woburn C.I. '15
Joined: 2013
Birthday: April 27
Likes: Smash Bros, Pokemon, Progamming
Dislikes: Tarzan