Older IOI tasks have been added!

by Alex on Dec 27, 2013 - 5:29:34 am UTC
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The PEG judge now contains every single IOI problem since 1994. This does not include interactive problems (which will be added later, when the judge better supports them), but does include those requiring custom graders for many possible outputs. I don't believe any other online judge has a collection that's more complete. cool.gif

If you notice any typos in the problem statements, think there is an issue with the test data/graders, or think the problem value is to high/low, please post a comment.

Also, since the IOI's from pre-1994 used a completely different grading model where programs were tested by hand, the official test data is long lost. Contact me if you are interested in writing test data for any of the IOI 1989-1993 tasks.

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Thanks alot! Finally IOI problems on a grader :), looking forward for the interactive problem

Why is the judge being slow today? All programs take longer than usual time to run the test cases.