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A splinter is:

  • a double jump shift by opener's partner, or
  • a jump shift by opener following a single raise of opener's suit.

For example, 1♥ - 4♣ is a splinter by opener's partner. 1♦ - 1♠ - 4♥ is a splinter by opener.

If partner splintered, alert the bid.

A splinter shows support, a void or small singleton in the splinter suit, and game-forcing strength with slam interest.

A splinter raise of a major shows at least 4-card support. Thus, in the sequence 1♥ - 4♣, at least a 9-card heart fit exists, and opener's partner has a void or small singleton in clubs. In the sequence 1♦ - 1♠ - 4♥, opener shows exactly 4 spades and a void or small singleton in hearts. (With 5 spades, they would have opened spades rather than a minor).

A splinter raise of a minor shows at least 5-card support.


Evaluate your hand carefully before responding.

I have slam interest → initiate control bidding or bid 4NT, Blackwood. Note that the splinter has already shown suit agreement, so there is no ambiguity about which suit is trumps.

I don't have slam interest → Sign off in 4 of your suit. If partner bids again, it is a control bid or Blackwood.