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Links such as
'' and
(essentially any click on 'Login' on any page) causes a 404 error.

Perhaps due to the '/' char?
Tested on Chrome 19 Dev and Firefox 10 Stable.

Viewing analyses was broken yesterday, so I fixed it; but it seems that in doing so, I broke the _GET stuff. I reverted the change, but now it looks like I need to find some other way to get analyses to work :/

for technical reasons. Any correct solution will now earn full points.

When I try to submit in Pascal, I get this compile error:

74099.pas(16,1) Error: Can\'t call the linker, switching to external linking
74099.pas(16,1) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling module, stopping
Fatal: Compilation aborted
Error: /usr/bin/ppc386 returned an error exitcode (normal if you did not specify a source file to be compiled)

I tried resubmitting correct code from earlier solved problems, but it gets the same error. What does this mean?

I'm having a really hard time fixing this. Restoring stuff from backups made a few months ago didn't help---so I think the problem might be some recent reconfiguration on the host side. I'll see what I can do about this.

I've implemented a dirty workaround, so Pascal should be working again (but who knows for how long?)

A reminder not to do this. It clutters up the submissions page. Don't complain if you find that I end up deleting all your solutions to a particular problem in an effort to delete all the duplicates.

Addendum: incorrect submissions will not magically become Accepted if they are resubmitted.

The div on the right-hand side of each problem description page has changed slightly. Now all the links are at the top and the info is at the bottom. Also, it shows you a list of languages that are allowed (because I wouldn't want anyone to write a solution and then try to submit it and find to their dismay that their effort was wasted because the language isn't allowed).

@Admins - Might I suggest having a separate colour for Mr. Fenty's students? Or a separate page? The Users page's getting rather cluttered with the mess of blue *Other users*.

This box ( now runs an IRC server.
You can also use the web client at, if you are lame.

for your amusement, logs

the webclient does not work
(in google chrome for me)

It won't work if the necessary ports are blocked (so for instance, it won't work at school). It should work at home though...

Alternatively, you could try Mibbit with the following steps:
  • Click the "Server" link to the right of "Connect: Mibbit[webirc]"
  • Type in "" in the "Server" box
  • Type in a nickname in the "Nick" box
  • Type in "#help" in the "Channel" box
  • Click "Connect"

The Judge has reached 50000 submissions.

The 50000th submission was made by Alex on Nov 05/11, 4:44:49 PM EDT to the problem "BlueBook - World Pop" in Pascal. It received a score of 30/30.

The Judge has been moved to a server with dedicated resources. Performance should now be better on all fronts (although some programs now take longer to execute; I'm looking into why this is).
This is costing me $28/month, so donations would be appreciated.
If you notice any issues, just mention them here.

The Judge has been moved to a new server.

If you notice anything strange over the next few weeks, let me know.

Note that this machine is slower than the previous one by a factor of about 1.3, so runtimes will differ accordingly.

Well my program is still at 'Waiting for other submissions to finish...'

Whoops, I forgot that a named pipe turns into a regular file when you rar it. Thanks. It's fixed.

Also, I can't view any old submissions.
Edit: Looks like all the other submissions for BST were lost in that incident...
Edit: Looks like I can't look at any submissions that aren't mine...
And the judge seems to have slowed down overall.

It seems a lot slower than just 1.3 ... loading the problems page takes 6 to 10 seconds compared to < 1 before.
Never mind; it seems to have cleared up now. neutral.gif

Yeah, I think you just had to prime the cache, or something like that.

Note that the time on the Judge is currently incorrect (it's 18097 seconds behind). I'll try to get this fixed with our host within the week.

Seems to be finally fixed. I have no idea when it happened, so some of the corrected timestamps are actually going to be incorrect.

I adjusted the timestamps in the range [OP, first reply). Some of the adjusted values may be wrong near the end, but there isn't much I can do about that now. However, since the Judge now runs on a Xen VM, we should never suffer from incorrect time again.